Friday, January 25, 2013


As what I've promised, here's my post about my shopping experience together with my cousins. First stop was the Plains & Prints store of course! Whenever I intend to shop, it's definitely the number one in my list. Always! See items I picked out and tried on..

I actually first saw this top when I bought my all time fave lace shorts from the same brand you can see on my post HERE. This top captured my heart at the first time, look at the lovely prints! I really love it's brand logo sooo much! But unluckily, it ran out of my size in Rob Galleria. I feel sorry that the only store nearest at my place is the one in SM Bacoor. I've wished they'll open a branch in SM Dasma.

 Anyhow, now I think it was a lucky day for me as I get to have the items I've been lusting over from their last year's collections. The top and this dress are from the Preppy Paris Collection.

This top's from their Watercolor Collection. Another one I've been eyeing at their Facebook account, since we rarely go to SM Bacoor due to the traffic. I was glad I even get the chance to have it at a fraction of the cost! Although it didn't come with the sash anymore, the sales lady said it's lost, I still knew I had to get it!☺

And lastly, top and shorts from their DNM Collection. I'm a sucker of tops and dresses with sexy back! The first time my eyes laid onto this basic beauty, I was sold!☺

Instead of the orange dress I threw on in the pictures above, I chose the green one since it's the lucky color of the year. Plus the fact that I just bought orange dress during the holiday. Furthermore, I still have orange dress from Plains & Prints that I got for ages and yet haven't find much appropriate event to wear it out.

Do you know that I only saw this freebie recently when I took pictures. This cutie will surely completes my Plains & Prints outfit.♥

Next stop was the Kamiseta and Bayo stores. I learned that Kamiseta moved to smaller place. I found the former place too big anyway. I haven't take pictures of my Kamiseta purchases yet. I got 9 items from the store. Truth be told, I only get to shop massively during sale. On regular priced items, I can only afford one to two items.☺

After a major shopping, our stomachs were rumbling and growling! Haha! When I asked my cousins about the time, it's half past 1:00 pm! Oh my! Oh my! So that's the reason why we're all hungry. I brought them in The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak so my cousins get to try it! Or should I say it's because I really wanna try their Beef Pepper Steak?! Partially!☺
Jezu and I grinning from ear to ear! Showcasing his gum! Haha! Sooo cute!

Me getting to taste the Beef Pepper Steak.☺ And when I did, it's delicious! I think I'll try it once more - or perhaps over and over again! Haha!

My cousin Rizchielle over a Pork BBQ Pepper Rice. She ate like a cockroaches! Haha! Peace my dear cousin! Maybe she didn't like the food. She poured a lot of sauce I guess. When I tried her dish, it didn't wowed me as well. I don't like my BBQ to be sweet as it nearly tasted like tocino for me. I prefer the curry over this BBQ menu. It's only my opinion anyway, if ever you want sweet tasting BBQ - then you can go on in this.☺

After finishing our rice meal, whilst Rizchielle never did, presenting the star of the show...
Turtle Cheesecake
Cheesecake on tiramisu layer with caramel and almond toppings, sprinkled with cocoa.

Cousin Rizchielle picked this out from the dessert menu. We all laughed in astonishment when it was placed on the table. Asking each other "Eto na yun?!" We find it a little pricey at 196.00 for the tad bit serving. After I had a taste, it's too sweet for my liking. I love sweets but definitely not too sweet enough for me to get a diabetes! LOL! Don't get me wrong, the cheesecake with caramel and almond toppings was luscious. And if you ask me if I'm going to have it again? Maybe, but it should be with someone to share with, because I couldn't finish it by myself for sure.

We then went to the seaside and just hang around a little and took some shots - including my outfit shots of course!☺ Then, we went back inside because we couldn't bear the heat.
On Jezu: Ralph Lauren polo shirt / Bonds undershirt / Wrangler shorts / Florsheim shoes

It feels great when you spent some time with your cousins. I'm missing my sister again because if only she's around, she'll definitely wouldn't miss this moment!

Well, it's Friday again. It's as if the week was just started. Just a few days and it will be February. But before that, my eldest Lehem is turning 6 years old at the end of the month. Time really flies too fast! My kids growing up too fast as well! Next time, binata na sila. Hmmm... Even so, they'll forever be my baby! I think, that's for now. Need to fix something for my sister. Til my next post!☺


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