Friday, February 8, 2013


If ever I'm working in an office, generally of my outfits would definitely look like this! But I'm not an office girl! As much as I'd love to so I'll have an excuse in sporting this look or able to play dressing up most of the time (Oh I just wish I could!) but I'm a hands-on mom and I think a job in the office would take a lot of my time. My children are too young and still need full attention that's it.☺

But of course even I'm not an office girl, I can still dressed like one! In some instances, you should need to go out of the box. Try new things and be unexpected.  In this look, I've tried something new. I used to think that long skirts would make me look like a midget. But I was wrong! Or maybe, I just found the right length and cut that suit my figure. What do you think? Well, hope you guys like my look as I do.☺

I always love wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in. Furthermore, I love mixing manly clothes with feminine pieces to come up with an edgy outfit. I kept everything simple and polished the look with platform pumps as I think my outfit would look great with them than with flats. 
GTW Betty skirt

 Moonbasa snakeskin platforms

 Claire's earrings

Hey! I'm beginning to love make-up! Well, just the basic stuffs lang naman. I'm still considered myself lousy in applying make-up especially with the eyeshadow. Sigh! However, here are some of my beauty essentials that I'm currently loving. All from my skin trusted cosmetic brand - Maybelline.
 This lipstick is my favorite at this point. I'm crazy over the shade! Super love it! I almost wearing it everyday! It has been a statement of my outfit here, here and here. I actually wouldn't get it if only didn't the saleslady insisted me to. I told her that the shade might not suits to morenas. But she insisted me to have it a try. Besides, she also said that even Beyonce's capable of wearing fuschia lipstick! So I gave in and I'm really glad that I did! She proved me wrong! It's really nice to try something new and found out things you can't even imagine that would suit your liking. Kudos for the saleslady who helped me find the right make up essentials. I'll absolutely look for her assistance when my beauty kit needs more!


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