Monday, October 8, 2012

Satin Here & There (Sister's Bonding)

Last Saturday, SM Dasma was on 2nd day sale so there were tons of bargain everywhere! My sis & I instantly decided to catch the sale in the said mall for great shopping deals we might find. I was in a hurry heading out the door that day so I just donned in any clothes I grabbed. But only now I've noticed that I'm wearing satin on satin here. Even my bag team-up with my clothes!☺
Plains & Prints blouse and shorts
What I usually wear when shopping? Same as every girl would like to wear like comfy clothes that I can easily move around in.
Crocs Mccall flats
Flats or comfy shoes that will save my feet from hurting on excessive walking.
This is my "sakit-ng-ulo-ko" pose. LOL!

Minimal accessories as possible for less distraction. A watch is a must have for a hands-on mom like me to keep me updated on time as I don't have all the time to shop and can't afford to be away from my kids for a long time.
Olive green bucket bag from Australia

Lastly, a reliable bag that can accommodate my stuffs. Not too small but definitely not too big so I can move around with it.

I wanna share with you guys great bargains I've got from one of my fave local brands - Kamiseta! Got them all at 50% off!!! I'm such a lucky gal!☺☺☺
I'm really happy with my purchases. They're such great finds! I'd be much happier if there's a Plains & Prints store in SM Dasma. Needless to say, I'm very much satisfied. It's been a fun day to me as it always turned out whenever I'm with my sister doing our greatest bonding ever - shopping! How about you, what bonding do you do with your sister? I'd be happy to know.☺


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