Friday, October 12, 2012

Go Green

I think you already know why this post titled as such. Everything I'm wearing here were in green palettes! I was in a dressing-up-mood-with-no-place-to-go here. Okay! I had an errand to do that day but I suddenly changed my mind to go out. Good thing my brother did the errand for me.☺

Dangling earrings (sisters') / Mango top / bag from Australia

Because I'm very excited to wear my purchase from my recent shopping HERE, I started my outfit that day with this shorts. The print on my shorts is refreshing to the eyes so I decided to have it paired with my green top to incorporate a plain and print ensemble. Can't you just adore the sleeves of my top?! I really love how casual looking it was with a hint of sexiness through the sleeves - which makes my top beyond ordinary.

I slipped into my snakeskin print pumps that matched the color of my top. For accessories, I chose these triangular dangling earrings for that added drama on my bare shoulders (which I actually stole from my sis! Harhar!☺) and red ring to matched the print on my shorts. I prefer minimal accessories since I'm wearing green from top to toe, I don't wanna be mistaken as a "walking christmas tree" anyway! LOL!

I grabbed my olive green bucket bag - which been my favorite for the month - and I was good to go.
SM Accessories ring / Kamiseta shorts
 Nine West heels



  1. Love the shorts!

    Bethany Paige ( X

    1. Thanks dear for reading my blog! I'll definitely visit your blog too.♥