Monday, August 13, 2012

Lovin' Laces

It took me such a looong time to post this outfit photos. I've been very busy these past few months doing my thesis as a requirement for my course. I was relieved when I passed through all the processes with flying colors. Finally, I'm graduated! But still, being a mom and entrepreneur at the same time needs me to put a lot of effort in managing my time. I'm giving myself some time to adjust.☺

This is actually one of my backlogs from the month of February! Yes, that looong! That merely explained how really busy I was and never got some time for my blog. But I tried my best to take some outfit shots whenever I can. Anyhow, this was my outfit on my cousin's birthday last February.
Kamiseta lace top / Cotton On flats
As a mom, wearing lace clothing is my best way to look sexy without showing too much skin. I have penchant on lace and eyelet materials. They are very feminine and simply sexy.
Diva ring / bag from Australia

I'm so in love with this lace top from Kamiseta. Of course, I got this in other colors too. It can be worn with an inner top or tube for those who are conservative. But if you're a bit daring, just wear a nice bra underneath. I opted to wear it with my t-shirt bra. Who wouldn't want to look sexy anyway?! Just remember to always make it simple and don't overdo the top or else you'll be getting a hell-of-raising-eyebrows-look everywhere! I wanna be daring some time but being a mom and a married woman, I know my limitations. You might see me in anything see-through materials but I will never show off too much skin. Wala din naman akong K! Haha!
2-in-1 skirt from

I had my top tucked inside my lace tiered skirt with a popping purple at the hem. The skirt is actually a reversible skirt in black and purple, it's like I'm getting two skirts in one piece! I chose the black side to play off with my sister in black and white theme.
On my sis: Kamiseta top and skirt / Rubi (Cotton On) gladiator sandals

I love my sister!

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