Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Hues of Blue

Still, from my February backlogs!☺ I wore this ruffly sleeved stripes minidress on our visit to my kids pedia for Jezu's immunization. I'm on a blue theme here. I rarely wear dresses whenever I'm the only person with my two-year old boy. I would say that I was in a dress up mode that day and I'm so thankful that Jezu was in the good mood as well and never demanded for a lift. Whew!☺
I cinched this dress with a blue leather belt, slipped into my blue wedges and threw on a blue bag. I'm a match-y match-y here! It's unusual for me to go for one color from head to toe. I'm not feeling blue either. I don't know but I just got into this outfit and I love how they turned out pretty well! For the contrasts, I go for black and silver jewelries.☺
From dress /  Diva ring / Equip bracelets / Celine (Paris) vintage wedges


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