Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hearts & Stars On V-day!

Last Valentine's day, I've dated three guys - my husband and my two little boys. :) My family celebrated Valentine's Day by going out to the mall for a dinner. The original plan was actually a dinner date to a fine restaurant but knowing my hubby, he could change his mind even at the last minute. Well, I'm not complaining anyway.☺☺☺

Every time we went out for a mall hopping, National Bookstore is always one of our destinations. My kids love books so much! They can spend hours in there! Of course, we don't left the bookstore without buying some books.

On every family day out, I almost always end up wearing a dress. The best or I should say the only perfect time for me to dress up is when I have my hubby with me. For me, it's awkward and indeed uncomfortable if I'm in a dress while carrying or chasing a two-year-old boy. Lucky me as my dear husband was there to take over. Harhar!☺

I wore this lovely prints shift dress bought online. The prints are pretty perfect for the occasion. I adore heart and star shapes. I'm really glad that I got two shapes in one dress (hearts in up side down). I kept it simple with minimal accessories on.
From dress / Diva ring
Arnold Palmer lace-up sandals

My kids and I tried on some cute hats at the department store. See how my little boys rock on those hats! These hats are definitely a must have this summer. Find a hat that perfectly fits on you. I saw a lot of nice hats at SM Accessories section. Worry no more when you're having a bad hair day. All you need to do is just throw some hat on and you're good to go.
I paired my dress with a neutral colored bag and shoes. As what I've said in my previous blog, you might see me wearing this lace up sandals again. I'm actually overusing them na!☺

On Lehem: Ralph Lauren polo shirt / Wrangler shorts / Oshkosh shoes
On Jezu: Ralph Lauren polo shirt / Disney Pooh shorts / Vans shoes

Well, our V-day turned out well with a hint of disaster when Jezu accidentally spilled 3/4 of regular iced tea on his Dad's pants! Just imagine how your pants will look like having that amount of iced tea right on the crotch area! Disgusting indeed! How about you? How's your V-day turned out? I'd be happy to know.☺


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