Friday, February 17, 2012

A Day To The Zoo

I'm a newbie here and this is my first time to blog. A famous fashion icon slash blogger inspires me to create my own blog. Though, I've been dreaming to be a blogger for quite some time. I know I have lot of things to learn but for sure I have lot of things to share. Enjoy reading!☺☺☺

Last week was my sister’s birthday. We both have two kids and they are all boys! Instead of going to the mall, my sister opted to treat us to Manila Zoo as what she had promised to her eldest son. I left Jezu (my youngest son) with his Daddy and I only got Lehem (my eldest) with me. It’s more convenient for me as I only have one kid to watch over and definitely no one to carry. :) But being a mom, whenever I am and whatever I do, I can’t help myself thinking my other child left at home. Next time, I should have brought him with me. See what I wore to the zoo..

Kamiseta lace back top

Plains & Prints satin shorts
Arnold Palmer lace up sandals
Lacoste Chantaco bag
Diva oversized ring

I chose this purple top with lace back to keep me cool since summer season has just started. This top was one of my recent purchases from KamisetaLook how sexy the back was.☺
Ohhh! An hour walk made our faces oily! We need retouch please!

I opted to wear lace-up sandals instead of sneakers to add chicness to the outfit. This chantaco bag from Lacoste is one of my fave carry all along bags. For me, it's the perfect bag for any trip especially when I have my little boy with me. It's very roomy and could carry all our stuffs.☺

On my sis: Cotton On bondage dress / Rubi (Cotton On) gladiator sandals / Marks & Spencer croc sling bag / Equip stacked bangles / Diva ring
These champagne colored sandals are recently my fave footwear. I love how my basic outfit looked interesting with these sandals. So expect to see me in these on my future posts.☺

I had a lot of fun that day. It's really nice to have some time with your family once in a while. A family bonding, friend bonding, GF/BF bonding and the likes are really essential to live a happy and fulfilling life. It's a good way of building any relationships stronger and healthier. You agree? Anyways, thanks for reading my blog. Hope you'll visit my site again. Have a great day everyone!


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