Friday, January 18, 2013


This is somehow a continuation of my recent post HERE. My kids really had fun running around and made the mall as their playground! LOL! Isn't it evidently shown on Jezu's face?!☺
On Jezu: Levi's tee and jeans / Crocs bear lined clogs

After an hours of shopping and roving around the mall, we find a nice place to have our dinner. My hubby and I decided to try out the The Sizzlin' Pepper Steak. I'm a sizzling steak lover so it's definitely a great take on my part.
The place was a bit small but cozy enough since it's not crowded at all. I really like how the service crews attended to our needs really quickly! And I would say that this Moo-Flips (Move and Stop sign) do the trick. Now, let's MOOOOVE!!!

My hubby and Jezu ordered the Pork Pepper Rice. While me being a mother whom always share meals with my children, I always try to get my child's opinion on what dish to get. Lehem and I go for the Mushroom Gravy Hamburg as he's a fan of burger steak! What I really like about this resto was the speedy service. We didn't wait too long as the dishes had been served in just 10-15 minutes. And as our orders arrive on the table, in a sizzling very hot plate, we needed to turn the meat to cook the other side in which I really enjoyed. Haha!
Pork Pepper Rice
Marinated pork served with rice.

Mushroom Gravy Hamburg
Beef burger patty served with mushroom gravy and veggies.

As I really had fun watching the food sizzles whilst taking pics of my hubby turning his meat to cook, I forgot to turn mine hence the other side of our burger steak was a bit overcooked!☺ Though my steak looks dried in the photo, I was surprised that it's still juicy in the inside! Really deserves a thumbs up!
Finished off the dinner with a frozen yogurt. Others might not like yogurt but I love its tangy taste plus the fact that it's nutritious!☺

We really enjoyed our dishes. My hubby really liked the Pork Pepper Rice. The food tastes really good! Prices are reasonable and suit our budget. We sure love the ambiance too! Therefore, the Sizzlin' Pepper Steak becomes a new addition to our family's favorite dinning places. Oh! I'm craving for their Beef Pepper Rice, I guess I know what to have next time!☺

It'll be weekend again lovelies! Have a nice weekend ahead!☺


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