Monday, January 14, 2013


Here's my New Year's Eve outfit for me to share! I opted with black monotone ensemble because I wanted something simple to wear. I love rocking monotone outfit! As long as it's on neutral shades.

I just mixed enough different textures and neutral shades to give off my outfit an interesting depth. Ensembles in black with some white and gray! They went pretty well together, don't they?! *wink*

I really really love a top like this! Simple but stylish! A piece you can wear anywhere, everywhere! You can mix and match it with anything! And oh boy! It's sheer! A material that exudes femininity!♥
Top and skirt bought at

Anyway, how do you find my skirt? A print like this reminds everyone of the holiday season, don't you think? In addition that it's in knit material, this skirt really deserves to flaunt during holiday season! Actually bought it months ago for my Christmas outfit but I forgot this one in the closet so I ended up wearing it on New Year's Eve instead. A problem of a shopaholic, hoarding things and forgot the existence of some of them! At least, I made it wear on the holiday still!☺

For accessories, I opted for the classic gold for added sophistication.
Forever 21 hibiscus ring

Necklace from my cousin.
Hi there Itchelle! Hope you'll read this.☺

Parisian Comfy cap toe flats
Another addition to my cap toe shoe collection.☺

A brand new year, a brand new start! New hopes and dreams were built within everyone's heart! Others been committed to a New Year's resolution. And me? Yes I committed myself in some obligation! Here's my list of goals to motivate me this year:
1. Be more organized!
2. Work harder in my online store.
3. Have more time blogging. I-career na 'to! Har har
4. Be mindful in spending money. I'll try my best!
5. Learn how to drive though I have no car! LOL!

Hope I'll be able to make them all. I actually started working the #s 1 to 3. How about you? What's your plan this year?


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