Sunday, December 2, 2012

Fun Tough Girl

A few weeks back, my sister received a good news! Her student visa application to Australia has been granted! And because we're too excited to have it in our hands, we went to Makati the very next day. We're rejoicing and even felt that we can party all night hence I rocked in this outfit.
I created a look with fun tough girl touches. I started the look with these booties. How I love that they're made of glittery snakeskin-like fabric that looks like a leather which instantly gives off an edgy vibe. I also love that they come in peep toe style and fabric material allowing just enough ventilation for my feet. And oh! They are wedges, just the things I needed! I'm just 5'2", so wearing heeled shoes is my way to look taller.☺ But some heels make my feet hurt so I always got blisters at the end of the day. Good thing that there are wedge shoes which are less painful compared to other heels because there is more  support under the arch of the foot. I love, love, love wedges!
I wore a skirt with similar colors and detail with my wedges - black and metallic in animalistic print. To add a twist, I paired it up with this orange top that has a nice back detail.
This top is actually one of my faves! I've been paired it with almost everything! And I can still have numerous pieces in my head to mix  with it.☺ And it's also my first garment in orange color. I was skeptical in wearing orange before. I just learned that choosing the right hues is the key. Now, I'm buying more orange and tries the other hues as well like salmon to tangerine.☺ 
Plains & Prints top / Forever 21 skirt

To achieved a tough look, you'll never go wrong with spikes or studs! In this look, I showed off my dangerous side by putting on a spiked bracelet.☺
Aldo stud earrings / Diva oversized ring / Twinsies spiked bracelet

 My sister had an outfit shots too but I won't spill it this time. She'll be posting it on her blog she's working out. Anyhow, did I achieved an edgy look here? I hope so! Have a great weekend everyone!☺


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