Wednesday, December 5, 2012

BonChon Chicken

This post is somehow an extention of my post HERE.

My sister's agency (IDP) is located near Greenbelt 1 and we got her visa at past 1:00 PM. We haven't had our lunch yet and we were really hungry therefore we looked for a place to have our late lunch afterwards. I was glad to discover that there is BonChon Chicken just a few steps from the IDP building. I've seen and read several posts raving about BonChon Chicken. So I grabbed the opportunity to try it with my sister. When we stepped inside the place, we were hesitant to satisfy our cravings finding out a lot of diners and customers queued up at the counter. But after evaluating the place, long line and number of patrons mean a good food after all! So we decided to go and have it taste ourselves!
(Sorry if I can't provide more pictures since we were really hungry that time. Needless to say, we attacked the food right away after taking a few shots. Hehe..)

I'm a seafood lover so i ordered the calamari with soy garlic glazed. Of course I didn't let the chance for me to taste their famous chicken! My sister had the chicken wings in spicy sauce and we share meals together.☺ We're both floats lover so we indulged in their "ko-yo" (Korean yogurt) float. I love the twist of sour-y taste in my palate. A little break from the usual floats we always had. I love my sisters orange float more as the yogurt perfectly blended in it.

The verdict? Well, I can say that the BonChon chicken tastes really good! It's crispier than the traditional fried chicken offering in the market because it's been fried twice! And I love the fact that it's less greasy and made healthier compared to others. The calamari tastes really great too! I find the servings a bit larger enough to satisfy my extreme hunger! (I'm referring to the calamari meal). As I've said, I'm a seafood lover so I enjoyed the calamari more than the chicken. I think the secret is in their garlic soy sauce! My hubby had been tried some Korean soy sauce and I think the BonChon's tastes really different and amazing!

Haven't tried BonChon Chicken yet? If you're tired dipping your chicken in a gravy, then this is a must try for you.  I'll definitely go back again when I get chance to. My next pick would be the Bolgogi Rice since I almost drooled over the meals of those people sitting next to our table. LOL!


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