Monday, November 12, 2012


Jezu just turned three last month and since the date fall on Tuesday, we ended up meeting their Daddy in the nearest mall after work hours. We spent quality time together through playing in the arcade then had our dinner before going home. I just wore basic clothing to keep me comfortable in chasing my children. Haha!
If you knew me personally, you'd know that I'm a purple lover. I couldn't resist collecting items in shades of it. If I had to choose between purple and pink, I'd definitely pick purple! If I'm Ms. Purple (or should I say Mrs. Purple☺), my sister is eventually Ms. Pink! Being a woman, I also love classic colors like black, white and red. But for this post, let me drowned in yummy purple outfit for that young and free vibe!

Purple really goes well with pastels and neon so I pile on my fave glow in the dark stacked bangles. I can't get enough of them!
Plains & Prints top / Twinsies glow in the dark stacked bangles 

Do my top prints and bangles look as if they were meant for each other?!

To slice through the monochrome outfit, I injected neutral color black on my bag and shoes.

Lacoste roll bag / Steve Madden cap toe flats / Equip purple hoop earrings

Now that I'm done about my outfit, I want to present the birthday boy - Jezu.
On Jezu: Disney top / Levis shorts / Crocs chameleon clogs

Look at those legs, Jezu still managed to maintain his poise. Daig pa ko! LOL! (left)

Jezu danced like crazy after throwing a strike in bowling!☺ So how did he do it?

The celebration was done in simple ways, no party and games. I didn't feel bad about that though. You can't have that every year, right? What matters most is that we're all happy even in the simplest celebration we had. I bought him a cake and his fave foods anyway!☺

Now my boy is three, growing up before my very eyes, I just wish he grow up to be a better person.


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