Monday, November 5, 2012

Fringe & Lace

I'm in Bloglovin' lovely people! I always wanted my blog to be more visible online so I joined Bloglovin' to help me doing so. I admit I'm not really good at writing but I find blogging really interesting and fun wherein I get to indulge my passion in fashion. I hope you can follow me. Please please!!!☺

Anyways, my family attended a certain birthday party two months ago and here's what I wore. Actually, this post should had been posted if only my pictures weren't corrupted!
from Australia flower detail wedges

I got a new photographer here - my hubby. My outfit shots were usually taken by my sis and my lil' boy. I somehow feel awkward taking poses whenever my husband's around, as if he's teasing me already upon looking at him. Haha! So I can't believe when he even coached me some poses to do in between shots! Yay! He's actually the one who's responsible on my pose in the first photo.☺
Plains & Prints top and shorts

As I was saying, my hubby took my outfit shots but to my dismay, other shots were corrupted and these are the only photos recovered. I cropped this one because my face was disgusting here. LOL!

Anyhow, on to my outfit, I paired this fringed top with my pretty lace shorts I got from Plains & Prints. Ohh! How I really love the brand! I told you that you'll be seeing me in this shorts in my previous blog HERE
Bulova watch (hand-me-down from Mom)

This is actually not my first look with this shorts. I had it paired with a blush top before.
Plains & Prints blush top and lace shorts / wedges from Japan / Bijoux watch

Which look do you like the most?!


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