Saturday, October 27, 2012


I accompanied my eldest child (Lehem) on their field trip a couple of weeks ago. Their itineraries were in Mind Museum located in Fort Bonifacio Taguig and Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa Laguna. I know what's popping in your head right now if you're familiar with those places, opposite directions! At first I thought it will be a long and boring trip on the bus since we were coming from Cavite. I was amazed when we had a nice trip then.

On to my outfit, I wanted simple and comfortable clothes but still fashionable hence I came up with this look.
I'm deeply in love with this cut-out the shoulders detail top. After wearing this, I'm keeping the urge to grab all my tees and have them cut like this with scissors! Haha! I swear! If there were other colors available of this top, I'll have 'em all! Come on! It's simply sexy just the way I always want in clothes. Simple with surprise!
I can almost imagine how this top could be more eye-catching on neon colors! Though I'm still scared getting into the "it" season's color - neons - when it comes to apparels since I'm a morena. I always think that neons could make me darker even more! Thus, I'm just welcoming small pieces first like neon stacked bangles and ring I am wearing here. What I love about my neon bangles is that they glow in the dark! Pretty cool, aren't they?! I can imagine wearing them everyday even I'm just lazying around the sofa or even sleeping so I can watch it glow before I fall asleep. LOL! Wanna have these bangles yourselves? I'm thinking of doing a blog giveaway. What do you think?!☺
Cotton On top / Twinsies glow in the dark stacked bangles
Nine West bag / H&M pants

Here are some of our pictures taken inside the museum.
I made it to the Hollywood!☺ (upper left)
Lehem with real dinosaur skeleton at the background (upper right)
Me and my spiked hair! Do you see it? (bottom)
JB, Lehem & me on 3D glasses! (upper left)
Crazy for chocolates?!! Definitely we're not! Haha! Mom showered us packages loaded of chocolates!☺ (upper right)
Welcome to the galaxy! (lower left)
Meet Maria Faye! Haha!☺ (lower right)
Bartenders' in the house!☺
When we get in Enchanted Kingdom, I brought my knit cape/cardigan to keep me warm on breezy cold night. This cape/cardigan is definitely my greatest find this month. Perfect on any trip! I can also imagine myself wearing this to the beach! It can be a replacement for usual floral printed sarong or cover up. What do you think? For me, it's an all-year-round piece! Lovin' every details of it, from the print to the fringed hem up to the material are perfect! This would be one of those things that I could probably pass on to my daughter to my grandchild in the future. But since I only have two boys, I think I should think first on how to make a baby girl next time! Haha!
knit cape/cardigan from
Our kiddos chit-chatting. I love this shot! (upper left)
JB & Lehem showing off their prizes. (upper right)
Regular 1day pass tickets on our wrists. (bottom)
Can you spot the one you think was eating a popcorn?!☺☺☺
Faye meets Michael Jackson - image person. I'm not dying to see the original though! Mahal ko pa buhay ko! LOL! (upper left)
Me and Lehem after a Rio Grande ride. Luckily we didn't get wet. (upper right)
Me and my dear child at the front of Anchors Away - a ride I will never gonna try again since my knees were shaking to death after I had this ride on our high school field trip ages ago.☺ (bottom)

When I was on my teenage years, I think I could try all the rides offering there, even the daring and scariest! But now, Nah! Simply because I'm not that adventurous anymore.☺
My sis and JB in front of their bus. (left)
Busty and my sis after riding Rio Grande - they got wet all over! (right)
Of course, an EK escapade wouldn't be complete without taking a pose with Enchanted Kingdom's signature character - Eldar the wizard.☺

It was a wonderful experience to the four of us albeit our feet got really tired queuing for each ride. Come to think of it, the last time I had been in EK was more than a decade ago when I accompanied my sister on her field trip in high school. I know you'll be counting already! Buking ang edad ko! Haha! And now, we're both with our children on their own field trip. How time really flies sooo fast! Maybe next time, grandchild ko na ang sasamahan ko! Wahhh! Wag muna! I'm not yet ready even just imagining myself as a grandma! LOL!

Okay! Enough of my nonsense! Our day spent with so much fun exploring the museum and the theme park regardless of having sore feet due to a long walk. Hey! It will be a long weekend ahead for all of us! Hope it will be great! Happy Halloween everyone!☺


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