Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Blues (Sister's Bonding)

We sisters, being exposed to stressful life as a mom, always take time to relieve stresses through shopping. If you're a reader of my blog, you'd know that shopping is my greatest bonding time with my sister. This post tells about our recent shopping experience in Greenbelt and Landmark a week before the Halloween.
Let me say a not so few words regarding my outfit. 'Twas a rainy day and my mood had been affected by the gloomy weather. I just thought that layering with blazer would be great for a crazy weather we're experiencing lately. I'm wearing a low cut back top in here covering with my blazer so I won't freeze to death inside the mall. I almost always end up wearing a sexy top under cardigan or blazer so when it gets hot, all I need to do is to take my blazer off. 
Kamiseta flower applique neckline top / Zara polka dot skirt (borrowed from my sister) / Rubi (Cotton On) satchel bag / Twinsies glow in the dark stacked bangles (will be available online)

I opted for a skirt because I rarely wear jeans on rainy days as I hate when they easily get wet at the hem. Legs are easier to dry off with tissue or hank-y contrary to jeans, right? I ran out of time to change bag, so I just grabbed the one which I recently used for a reason that it still contains my essential stuffs. So forgive me if my bag was a bit outcast. Anyways, my jelly flats have gold hardware naman! Har har!

I polished the look with these sweet accessories courtesy of Mom.
Lovisa ribbon earrings / Diva stone encrusted ribbon ring

Shhh... We caught something sneaking behind the bushes while we were taking outfit shots.☺

Well, I some time injected my sister here in my blog so you'll never get sick on my face. Haha! But my sis had a muffin face that day as she underwent dental surgery. So I think her feet will do for now! LOL!

Do these jellies look expensive to you? If yes, then they fooled you! They are actually dirt cheap! We got them at only 80.00 pesos per pair! We're such a bargain finders you know!☺ Remember, being stylish doesn't mean you need to spend bucks of money. Style is all about good taste. After all, the key to be fashionable doesn't have to be about the brands you buy, it's more about how you shop. Right?

These jellies are pretty perfect that day, we'll have no problem walking in the rain with them! We actually exchanged our flats to matched our clothes.☺

Now that I'm finished giving details about my outfit, let me show you my shopping finds and hope you'll like them too!☺
Neon items are my latest obsession. And oh! items with spikes too! All of them are from Tickles.
Sunnies and lovely set of earrings all from Aldo.

I picked this set of earrings because I have necklace to pair these peacock earrings with.
Maybelline Color Sensational lippie in Angel Rose / Landmark ribbon belt

My sis also bought exactly the same belt as above. We're like twins you know! ☺
I'm very much happy that I finally found lipstick that likely the same with the one I am using. I don't wear lipstick before and I'm just a lip balm babe. After I tried this Karazaa lipstick in sweet color pink (which was given by a friend as a pasalubong), I got a lot of compliment on it! And my appreciation in lipstick begun! Now I've started to collect other shades of pink to coral and even added a shade of red. But this shade (above) will always be special. If you're morena and looking for the right pink lipstick, why don't you try Maybelline lipstick in Angel Rose. I love Maybelline, I actually patronizing their products. And it was a lucky day for me because I got it at 20% off!!! Now I can set free of my overly used Karazaa. Pudpod na pudpod na siya! Har har!

Well, see us again on our next bargain hunting. You can leave comments or suggestions below. Or how about you share your blog link? I'll definitely love to visit your site too. Keep smiling!☺


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